Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cruz on by Toysrus and Grab a Potato! In fact - Mr Potato Head from Playskool

No idea what to buy this Christmas for your little one - then wonder no more.  Cruz Beckham has been seen safeguarding his Mr Potato Head and one can be yours too from TOYSRUS currently for £12.99.

So what did the Mini Toyologists Bailey and Savana think of Mr Potato Head?

This was definitely more for Savana than Bailey with a clear 2+ on the outside of the packaging.  - This fun and friendly character is very easy to spot through this see-through suitcase. 

The marketing team have been very clever - with TOY STORY 1, 2 AND 3 all being huge hits - "AHHHH TOY STORY"are Savana's first words NOT Mr Potato Head!

So what is in this suitcase?  Well basically LOTS AND LOTS in fact 40 different body parts alot more than the last version which makes the extra cost worthwhile - offering any child the opportunity to make hundreds of mad combinations.  The downside for me as with any toy, is with lots of parts comes the worry of them being MISPLACED or basically LOST as the case gives the illusion they will all fit in their snuggly  - well that is how it came?  But experience has taught us that you can NEVER get things back the way the came out of a box.  Savana is older at age 4 but younger children will tire very quickly at trying to put the items back.  Worse still the suitcase gives the illusion that is strong, solid and reliable JUST LIKE MR POTATO!  Sadly not, the catch can open so imagine the frustration from MEEEEEEE after managing to put everythign away only to pick it up and then the latch opens!   mmmmm brings a whole new meanign to SILLY SUITCASE!

Anyway, the Hickmotts loved MR POTATO HEAD and all agree with Cruz that a home is not a home without a MR POTATO HEAD or indeed MRS POTATO HEAD! this Xmas and give this a 4 out of 5.

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