Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Well what can I say....when mini-toyologists Savanna and Bailey asked if if I would review this toy along with my daughter Megan, who is 4yrs old I jumped at the chance. I often see The Littlest Pet shop range advertised when Megan is enjoying a little Tv and from time to time Megan has said "I like that Mummy" so as she has nothing else from this range of toys I thought the review would be from 'carte blanc'.

I waited until Megan had been to school for the morning and when she got home I told her we had something exciting to explore together.

We opened the big black bag the box had been delivered in and although a huge smile crossed Megans face she didnt know what exactly was in the box other than an aeroplane, she didnt recognise the brand.

I knew that this toy has a retail value of approx £44 so I was trying to equate how I would feel had I payed that for this toy.

Megan was very eager, as most children are to actually get her hands onto the toy but this is where I hit a stumbling block. I appreciate toys need to be secured so they dont get damaged in transit but im sorry to say, and I dont mean to sound petty but the amount of toughened string used to secure this item intoits box was beyond ridiculous! Even armed with scissors, I had to make no less than 20 snips and it took me 15 mins to free the toy from the packaging. The string was even wrapped around each wheel...I was frustrated with how long it took to get out of the box and Megan really wasnt very amused.

Once we finally had our hands on the aeroplane we set about 'setting up' the scene and putting the different headgear on Blythe that she comes with, there is one pet included with this toy. Megans younger sister Isabelle who is 18 mnths old wanted to play too which is great to have a toy with which the two girls can get involved in but the box does clearly state for ages 4+ and there are several very small pieces which had to be removed.

The girls played for approx 20 minutes together with the aeroplane, flying it around the room before pushing it along the kitchen floor to each other.

Im sure that if your child is into The Littlest Pet Shop range then this toy would possibly be greated with much enthusiasm, Megan to be fair is a child who can play very happily on her own and doesnt get bored quickly however had I paid nearly £45 for this toy I would hope for it to be played with more than what it has been. It involves alot of imagination or a real love for the characters as there are no lights or sounds to help with the role play, so maybe suited to a slightly older child.

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