Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Baby Alive Real As Real Can Be - or is it?

Last year Savana had the pleasure of reviewing a BABY ALIVE doll last year who had pretend food. Although i thought the face was kind of scarey she adored the doll and even now, one year on she still plays with it. Then along came Baby Alive - Real as Can be Doll which currently HAS A £10 OFF OFFER on at TOYSRUS and comes into a whole new world!

HUGE HUGE HUGE eyes scour the room or in our case the garden, when she left her box in the glorious October sunshine. At first, it was Savana who squealed with delight at the prospect of ANOTHER baby to her growing collection of Babies and loved the fact that this doll unlike the Baby Alive last year, is that this one has real hair to play with. She now has about 12 baby dolls and has told me she is going to have AT LEAST 20 babies when she is older - OH DEAR! Mabye Scarey Spice whoops I mean Baby Alive Real as Can be can alter her mind.

As the doll left the box with 2 batteries already supplied which is good- or is it? It was actually Bailey (age 7) who noticed food sachets and started to read them with interest. Minutes later there were shrieks of laughter as it dawned on Bailey and later Savana that this baby REALLY DID POOP yes I did say POOP (explanation to follow) and WEE! For the following hour both Bailey and Savana had tears of laughter as this baby speaks in a very annoying American/English accent and persistently asks for MORE AND MORE AND MORE FOOD AND DRINK - to which they respond and then wait (not for long I hasten to add) for the nappy to fill. The girls are delighted to mix up a bowl of her special doll food and spoon-feed her. After she drinks a bottle of water to wash it all down, it’s time for a new DIAPER! YES a diaper, not nappy - so language the girls are not used too. The girls learn when Baby Alive is sleepy by closing her eyes and when she needs a nap. As soon as she is sitting upright she’ll open her eyes to play all over again! With only 2 nappies SORRY I MEAN DIAPERS supplied, which is not enough, the girls resort to a naked doll. This is fine as the weather is hot, but since we reviewed this the weather has cooled down and the doll has been left to collect dust in the corner.


 After a while Bailey commented on the accent and said how annoying it was - to which no-one disagreed. The girls also felt that the small amount of food and 2 nappies and one dress and bib, was not enough at all and the doll soon became the same as most other dolls.

The initial fun factor faded along with the sunshine and the Hickmott Team felt that this doll deserved no more than 2 out of 5.

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