Sunday, 4 September 2011

GIRLS WORLD Bead & Style Head

and so begins........... they just don't make them how they used too!

How many times have you heard that saying?  Be it for a tv programme, film or toy! 

Well we had the task of reviewing Girls World .... a toy many girls grew up using years ago and now adapted and modernised - for the better or worse though????

Bailey (7) loves any opportunity to play with hair - she is known at school for platting and brushing everyone's including her teachers. so was delighted to see she had a Girls World to review, especially as this one came with beads and make-up too.

The first thing we had to do is get the head out of the box and as with lots of toys we get, it had lots of twisted fasteners we had to fight.  The next stage was to slowly cut the clear bands which held parts of the hair together.  The additional piece which acts as an extension also prooved a challenge as it came straight out of the head and we had to then re-feed it through the holes.

Once Bailey was able to play Dad came to give a helping hand and the girls learnt about how he had a Saturday job in a hair salon - which created extra excitement, as he promised to show them some styles. The fun however, was short-lived as the more they played with the Girls World a few things became apparent, suckers affixed to the bottom would be useful to keep it in place when trying to style hair.  Also a small container to hold all the beads would have been useful as the chances of not loosing them is pretty low in our household.  The copious amounts of hair is required because over time it starts to come out everytime you brush it and does get quite knotty.  The make-up is not one for white carpets - not that we have them anyway but it does stain.  A pack of wipes is definitely a must.  Furthermore when Savana (4) played with the Girls worlds she was frustrated that the face already has make-up on it and isn't hidden when you apply the make-up it come with.

Neither of the girls commented on the actual face of the Girls World, which i personally felt looked a little freaky - its her eyes?!?

Our review ends with a disappointing score with Bailey and Savana both giving this a 3 and
I personally would give it a 2 and so I end this review and have to conclude exactly how i began

 they just don't make them how they used too!

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