Sunday, 21 August 2011

Disney Club Penguin Air Hockey Playset

Disney Club Penguin Air Hockey Playset - £39.99 age 5+

Money is clearly no option with the packaging with Disney - so when the children see the box they are incredibly excited and so too was Dad, who was more than happy to help remove the contents from the box and set the game up for the mini toyologists.  With the words REAL Air Flow, REAL Action and REAL fun with REAL in capitals reinforced all over the box it all adds to the element of excitment.  Furthermore, the size of the box does give you the impression that £39.99 is good value for money - or is it?

So what does the box The box contains:-
  • 1 Air Hockey Playset
  • 2 Penguin Players with Handles
  • 1 Penguin Referee
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 1 Stand
  • 1 Door
  • 2 Extra Penguin Bases ( to encourage you to buy further players!)
  • 2 Nets
  • 2 Goal Pockets
  • 1 Bleacher Window
  • 1 Puck
  • 1 Coin

Once all items were removed it didn't take much time before Bailey and Dad were able to play.  The noise from the playset sounds like a hairdryer and over time can be annoying - what it does do is enable the puck to move around the floor very easily.  The base and all components are sturdy but as with most there is the fear factor - ONLY ONE PUCK -  as children are renowned for loosing things, so an additional one of these (given the price of the game) would be welcomed.  After only a few minutes it also became quite noticeable that the floor scratched very easily.

The main link with this game is the encouragement of using the Club Penguin Website where you are given the opportunity to unlock 4 items online - however, as with all things this comes at a price where your child is encouraged to interact with Club Penguin on the internet for a monthly fee.  It is this that I think some parents may question, the game is amined at 5+ - do you really want your 5 year old being encouraged to go online and some parents may feel it is another marketing ploy from Disney to spend yet more money - as once you child is hooked into the online game - they will want to continue using it month after month - thus encouraging more spending!

In terms of age - although the box does say 5+ I do think younger children would be more than capable of playing this game.  In terms of attention span - each child is different but I think this is definitely one of these toys that will not hold a child's attention for very long.  The space of the nets is quite small and you soon learn that if you place your player right back near it - it is very difficult to score a goal.  The mini toyologists soon tired of this game - Crumble the Westie however loved it!

Given the limitations of the game coupled with the fact that you are encouraged to spend more, more more the cost of this at £39.99 is expensive for what you get and sadly, the fact that it is Disney people will be drawn into the name DISNEY!

Overall we were disappointed with this game and therefore only give it 2 out of 5 and think more fun will be achieved from the club penguin website - which i think is the main thing the box is encouraging everyone to do.

Check out our video featuring CRUMBLE the Westie

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