Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pig Goes Pop - Toy Review

The outside packaging on this box does not leave much to imagination on what this game is all about -EATING BURGERS!  Aimed from 4+ Savana invited her sister and two friends age 6 and 9 to play too.

Before you play you tilt his tail to remove any excess air, leaving the pig's belly ready to be filled. Each burger is a different colour and each player takes it in turns to put them in his mouth depending on what you throw on the dice.  As you pick your colour burger you then have to turn it over to reveal a number which indicates how many times you have to push down the pig's head.  When you do this the belly inflates, adding an element of randomness to the game.  At first Savana found the pushing down a little tricky and I must admit when I watched the older children playing with it I thought it would break - but I was wrong it survived - many games.

The dice has the added elemetns of an X or a colour that has already been depleted, this again adds some interest to the game as you may miss a go and gives others another chance to win.

The older girls did start to add their own rules to the game and decided that the winner was now the one who made the Pig Pop which caused lots of extra excitement as he got fatter and fatter.

When the pig does finally pop, he throws his hands into the air, and his shirt springs open. One annoying element at this point is that sometimes you have gone through all of the food and have to retrieve it from the back of the pig.  The game could do with some more burgers.  To play again, all you have to do is pop his hands down, reattach his shirt and tilt his tail.

As a former primary school teacher, the attention span on many pre-school children is shortlived and this is where this game works very well - it takes minutes to complete and is have very simple rules to follow.  It is great at teaching elements of taking turns, missing them, learning what happens to you if you do all all the burgers, and you never know who is going to win or should I say POP!

All the girls rated this game highly for a young child from 4 - 5 out of 5.


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