Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bubble Buster Game - You have to Ping to Win - Review for Toysrus!

Bubbles on my shoulders,
Bubbles on my knee,
Bubbles on the top of my head,
for all the world to see.


A game for 1-2 players who have to burst 20 magic pinging bubbles with their wand to win!  However, only some bubbles ping so you have to burst as many as you can.  The more you ping the more your wand chimes - reach the magic number to PLAY THE WINNING TUNE!

The mini toyologists gave this to Jack (20 months) and his mummy Amy to review - see what they thought about it......................................
The Bubble Buster Box is very bright and looks fun to young eyes! The game is aimed age 4+, but i feel it does appeal to a slightly younger age group. My son Jack is only 20months he loves bubbles so I thought he would love the Bubble Buster, he definitely loved the bubbles, but at first wasn't to interested in using the wands to catch the big bubbles he wanted to use his hands.

We played with Bubble Buster both in the garden and in the house, with Jack being slightly younger he got on better in the house as there were less distractions and the bubbles seemed more intense as they weren't blowing away as fast, outside they flew up high and were harder to reach with the wand. 

If Jack was a little older he would have understood how to use the wands better and the Bubble Buster would appeal alot more to him as it took a few goes before he used the wands and then after a few seconds he went back to his hands.

I feel Bubble Buster would be perfect for age 2 1/2 to 3 years + because bubble are great fun at any age, but by this age kids would understand how it works with the wands. The more bubbles burst with the wands the higher the PINGS get til you've bust 20 bubbles then you get a winning tune, so its great fun for 1 or 2 players as they can race to get the most.

  • You need batteries WHAT TOY DOESN'T THESE DAYS. 
  • You only get a small amount of the mixture, using day to day washing up liquid to replace does not suffice either!
  • The wands will ping if you hit them against your arm, a table etc (for younger children this will probably not be noticeable though)
  • Price is a hefty £17.99

We give this a score of 3/5

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