Monday, 1 August 2011


This is a lovely blog from Chloe the first of my Toys R Us Toy Winners!

Its a pig and it talks!! and if that isn't good enough, then the pig has its own teacup!

This cute (and I mean super cute) piggie is called Goldie, turned up at the door step.. and it has become P's best friend, now the product comes with a piggie (various ones available) a cup and a bottle, and even a birth certificate.

Goldie is so soft to touch, and lightweight.. suitable for ages 6+

Now the switch on the bottom, turn from try-me to on and your little piggie now has its own life, with a patch on its back and nose, which if you press can say 25 different phases. The fun doesn't stop there you can feed the piggie via the bottle, and get realistic sounds.. and when goldie gets tired P can lay her down and she falls asleep (with a tiny snore)

P loved Goldie, and will not put her down.. its a talking pet ! and we can turn it off ;) P enjoyed spending her time she even brought out the cakes! Now Goldie sits at the end of the bed in her little teacup.

This fantastic product from Tomy, can be brought from Toys r us for as little as £14.99 and there is even a variety of clothes and accessorises available to buy for you piggie, so your collection can grow and grow which is a great idea when grandparents wonder what to get for the little one birthday ... it is a girly must have.

We love it !

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