Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blendy Pens - Save your money


The Mini Toyologists spent Christmas 2010 in Egypt and we took the Blendy Pens to review.  What a let down they were.  Classic packaging would grab your eye in a shop and when you first open the contents the girls were very excited at the prospect of using them.  However, the fun soon disappeared they just didn't live up to the mini toyologists expectations at all.

Some of the pens are known as Colour Splitz but whether you wrote or drew with them - you could hardly see a difference.

The Blendy pens were slightly better although the colour didn't last very long before you had to blend them again. Not worth the money, which is a real shame as both the mini toyologists LOVE anything to do with art.  You would definitely be wiser to buy a normal pack of felt tip pens.  Ironically when we returned from our holiday we then saw the TV Advert promoting these pens to which both girls responsed RUBBISH!

score very low 1 out of 10

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