Tuesday, 21 June 2011




This game is great fun for all members of the family - great interaction away from TV and Computers with an educational twist!

Double sided cards - 2 levels
Children learn about image and vocabulary recognition, memory, matching,concentration, and social interaction.
The Zingo cards are thick and durable and so too are the Zingo chips with a fun sliding dispenser.

This is great for children learning to read. Simple rules, easy set up and great interaction for older silbings with younger ones.

Adults you will be pleased to know you will not tire of this game either. Based around the Bingo theme, Players not only have to be the first to have the item on their card, but also be the first to call out. Pieces can be lost or set up and the children LOVE setting this up.

As a former primary schol teacher this game definitly teaches visual discrimination, matching, following directions, object recognition, and good sportsmanship. With primary colours, and clear visuals it is very robust.

This game has an additional rule in the Hickmott household - THE PRIZE - a trip to the sweet shop is always inevitable for this game - well would be rude not too!

We give this game a great 9 out of 10

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