Tuesday, 21 June 2011

.... and this little piggy could cry wee wee wee all the way to your home BUT HOW?

The mini toyologists are back in town and getting ready to start reviewing their latest box of toys but life would not be the same if we didn't start off this years toyology experience with a competition but this one comes with a twist - not only do you get the chance to win a toy EVERY MONTH but you also get to feature on our blog and the Toys R Us Facebook Page when you review the winning toy!

So for this month - Meet the Teacup Piggies Family a new 2011 range of toys for girls.

Toys R Us offer all 6 cute teacup piggies each of which has its own colourful teacup and one of these could be yours!

These cute little pigs come with built in intelligence and just love to be played with.  You can dress them, (a range of outfits are available separately) feed them and take them wherever you go! Each one talks, laughs and oinks! They have a range of 25 different phrases and they snore gently when laid on their side for a snooze.

Allow me to introduce you to each of the Teacup Piggies

ROXY WITH DARK GREY SPOTS ALL OVER HER BODY - has a lovely yellow teacup which has pictures of music notes and a guitar on the front. 

PRETTY LILLY –IS A LOVELY FUCHSIA PINK -comes with a little black teacup

GOLDIE – as her name suggests is a golden colour - and comes with a black teacup with a picture of blue trainers on the front of it

COPPER  has various patches of copper colour on her body and over one eye and comes in a light blue teacup which has the picture of a palm tree on the front of it.

SHIMMY – has pink ears, nose and trotters adn come wiht a white teacup with butterflies on it.

SNOWFLAKE- is a white piglet and comes with a purple teacup which has flowers on the front of it.


(1)  First all of you need to be following this Blog!

(2)  Secondly, in no more than 20 words complete this sentence post in the comment box on the blog 

Choose us to do your first toy review because .....

Terms and conditions

To enter, make sure you pop over to the Toys R Us Facebook page to ensure you do not miss out on all the other competitions the toyologists are running - there will be 12 others alongside the one I am running each month!

The prize is a Teacup Piggy. The winner will be sent one of the above Teacup Piggies selected at random and there is no cash alternative.

The competition closes on Monday 27th June 2011 at 8pm.

The winner will be contacted that evening and asked to provide a postal address and a contact telephone number within two days or the winner will be re-drawn.

The contact telephone number will be used by the courier to confirm ETA of deliveries.

Facebook have no affiliation or responsibility for this competition.

UK entrants only and each entrant who takes part in this competition is agreeing to the terms set that they must provide a review of the toy  within 14 days of receiving the toy for use on this blog and the Toys R Us Facebook Page.



jo barber said...

u'll send my 5 year old daughter bOINKers!!! xx

Jamie-Lee said...
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Jamie-Lee said...
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emy said...

we love nothing more than a good oink and a giggle over a lovely toy tea party!

Laura said...
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Glenda said...

Just a reminder for anyone entering this comp you must be a follower of the blog and please do state your email next to your entry thanks!

emy said...

Hey I'm following blog, didn't really want to put my email up publicly... sorry! You can contact me via twitter @emymc Thanks! xx

Jamie-Lee said...

theres nothing better than watching my daughter explore a new toy plus a nice quite afternoon for the parents.


anna8301 said...

WE sing Oink here and Oink oink there every day eieio :) xx @anna8301

Rachael said...

Choose us to do your first toy review because ..... My daughter would adore some piggy pop tea!

Anonymous said...

PIGS we just love em

Julie said...

Choose us to do your first toy review because .....my daughter would love a little piggie - I promise to keep it away from the dog who'd love it too!

I've followed your blog. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a guest reviewer.


freyamae2000 said...

Thanks for this great giveaway! Choose us to do your first toy review because as a family with 2 boys and 2 girls we will have plenty of different views on this toy!

Helen Watson

Chloe Hogben said...

sounds like a amazinggg chance to review!
i follow the blog, and Choose us to do your first toy review because .....

our tea parties are amazing we can make pigs fly ! ;)


Red888 said...

Choose us to do your first toy review because.....
"by the hair of our chinny chin chin we'll be the best there's ever bin"

Rachel said...

because it is Isabel's 3rd birthday this friday and she would love to invite the piggys to hear party.


Glenda said...

da da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the winner is Chloe Hogben WELL DONE!

Thanks to everyone who took part there will be another giveaway next month so keep following the blog!