Sunday, 7 November 2010

Toys R Us Toyologist Review - now you see it - now you don't - cos mummy keeps playing with it!

The mini toyologists had already had the pleasure of reviewing the Aquadoodle Mat so gave Megan and Isabelle a chance to experience something magical from Tomy - The Aquadoodle Desk - £29.99 
Well what can I say??...we were kindly given the fab opportunity to review the Tomy Aquadoodle desk (mon bureau) by mini toyologists Savana and Bailey..... I have 2 girls....Megan who turns 4yrs this month and Isabelle who is 8 months. Megan already has a aquadoodle which is the small mat however this 'mon bureau' has been a real hit!!...everytime the adverts have been coming on the tv recently she kept saying she wanted one for her birthday yet I kept thinking 'youve already had one'....

The minute Megan saw the box she knew exactly what it was and within 5 minutes of having the box the toy was up and ready to go. The assembly was really simple and there was no screwing or fixing etc, the pieces (of which there about 5) all just slotted together!

The desk is made of a firm foam which is sturdy enough for leaning on to draw but also really safe for Isabelle who has pulled the desk onto herself whilst trying to stand up several times! The mat that you draw on is green on one side and a yellowy colour on the other so really nice for girls or boys and also allows double drawing opportunity as there is no waiting around for the mat to dry...simply flip it over!

Whilst the toy has been a big hit with all friends (aged between 2yrs and 10yrs) who have visited and played with for a good hour each -  the main things for me as parent have been, real easy assembly, no small awkward parts, packs away into a reasonable size box but best of all Megan has been really enthusiastic to write on it and trying to spell her name and practice letter endless pieces of screwed up paper and extra mess, just lots of flipping the matt over and trying again.....we have nearly mastered it too!! and educational side aswell!....a real bonus!

This gets a HUGE thumbs up from us - Thanks for such a FAB opportunity this has been a real hit!

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