Saturday, 6 November 2010

Toys R Us Mini Toyologists Have a Rollercoaster of a ride reviewing Polly Pockets

Polly pockets rollercoaster was reviewed originally by an 8 year old girl but then her 5 year old brother sneaked into her room and played with it for 3 hours!

As with most of these types of toys it was not quick and easy to build, which is always a challenge when you have a child desparate to play it.  However I have to say that polly pocket products have improved and this one can be dismantled and stored easily.

Play value.

Grainne who is 8 and easily bored really did enjoy it, particularly the pet monkey. She enjoyed setting up the rooms. Her only negative comment, when asked, was the rollercoaster could be more exciting.

My son who is 5 years old then found it and spent 3 hours, yes 3 hours, playing. He really enjoyed the mechanics of the roller coaster.

Both children have played together with it since. It is a good product. A little tricky when packing away as you put water into various parts but to be honest 10 minutes clearing up is value for money if your child has been amused for 3 hours.  Perhaps more than one doll in the box would help in respect of imagination games, or a change of outfit for the doll.

I have had polly pockets "drive to the mall" which was an older toy, harder to build and almost impossible to dismantle, this is certainly an improvement.

Priced at £49.99 - this definitely a toy which needs to be considered before buying but if you have grandparents wondering what to buy then this may just sneak onto the wish list

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