Saturday, 6 November 2010

Toys R Us - Toyologist Review for Play-Doh Puppies

The mini toyologists already had lots of their own play dough and were suprised to hear that Isabel had never played with it before.  So we handed her over the Play-Doh Puppies Play Set to see what she thought.  Her mum Rachel wrote the following review which is fantastic!

The expression and sounds of joy my 2 ½ year little girl came out with when she saw the puppies playdoh set was just magical. We had kindly been given this to review by a friend, and trutoyologiest Precious Memories Mum Glenda and mini toyologists Bailey and Savana.  After setting up a space with a cloth ( as we don’t have a table ) and a very egar little girl, we sat down and showed her what all the bits did. She soon picked it up and played with it straight for 1 ½ hours!! OMG not one toy has made her sit down for this long! Isabel after that had alittle break and played with something else for all of 15 mins, than decided to play with the playdoh again – for another hour! Even my partner sat with her for ages playing with the doh and her.

Since then – every morning Isabel gets out of bed and the first thing she wants to do is get the Puppy PlayDoh set out. Amazing!  We never thought before being given this fantastic opportunity to test this out, about getting my daughter PlayDoh and I now can’t believe why I hadn’t before.  This set is just fantastic. I think Playdoh as a whole would be a great toy to invest in. Not only does it give them opportunity to use their hands but its gets them creative and role playing. Isabel loved pretending to make dog food and giving it to the dog and playdoh puppies.

See Isabel in action!

The set comes with  4 different colour pots – two browns, a white and a red. A bowl for the food and a basket for the playdoh puppies. The dog has different moulds around him and underneath to make different shapes like a bone, sock, steak and puppies. It comes with grinder to make dog food, and if you place the doh inside the two holes in his head and push it down, it makes hair and a tongue ( Isabel loves this bit and goes mad when she sees the hair come out on top ).

For the price of £12.99 and the enertainment value I rate this 10/10. I would definitely recommend this and have already told some of my friends to go and by from Toys R US.

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