Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Handz On - Guest Review for Toys R Us

Guest Review by Rachel: Keter Handz On Activity Table - 3yrs +

I was delighted when glenda asked her team if anyone would like to review this activity table. As we live in a flat with not much space to have a dining table, I immedately asked if Isabel could.
Isabel, loves painting, drawing - well anything creative, however, using the floor can work out quite messy and awkward as she ends up on top of the paints, gets frigity sitting on the hard floor etc.

When Isabel saw the table, she was very excited and wanted to use it straight away, So out came the playdoh.

The table has a built in seat, hand groves to put paint in for hand printing, 4  playdoh moulds, cutting knief and rolling pin and a pot to put your crayons/pencils in plus space for your paint pots.

It is light weight, yet sturdy and a good size for any space ( as I say we live in a flat - and the table fits well ).

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's kids love to paint,draw, play with playdoh or anything creative. A massive 10/10.

The box we have is slightly misleading as there is a picture of an art kit so you do conlcude that there will be art items inside.  However, the Handz On is being sold in the UK as an option without it...Vendors such as Toys R Us however, will make this clear to  avoid any disappointment!)

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