Wednesday, 17 August 2011

GALT Nail Art - Review for ToysRUs

Box 3 arrived and within 2 mins of openign the box the girls were opening the  Nail Art from GALT.  The item suggests an age group of 7+ but as with many second siblings what is good enough for olders sis is good enough for me and the girls soon started to pamper each other.

  • 7 nail varnishes (2 glitter and 5 colour)
  • Nail Gems
  • Holographic Strips
  • Tattoos
  • Star Shaped Emery Board
Although there we no instructions inside the box, the girls have used nail varnish and tatoos before so needed no adult supervision at all.

First began the filing of nails followed by big sis taking control first and setting upon Savana who was more than happy to be painted.  Savana also fancied being a little more adventerous with the tatoos asking Bailey to pop one on her face. 

As with alot of children's nail varnish the colours are quite thin and pale so in order to a strong build up - a few coats would be needed.  Removing the gems was not a problem for the girls little fingers however, they found that the first time they applied them the nail varnish was totally dry and the gems fell off.  A top up of varnish and a gem applied to the wet nail seemed to do the trick.

The only questionable part to this pack are the holographic strips - which the girls basically ignored.  There seemed no real purpose to them and even when I questioned them Bailey looked at the box to see if there were any clues to whcih she responded - ""oooo they go at the top of your nail.  This resulted in the girls grabbing a large pair of scissors and creating nail tips and trying to create some - but not with great end results as the strips did not fit the shape of the nail and did not stay on the nail for long.

If girls are having a sleep over this is a great little pack to entertain the girls.  You get alot of items for £5.99 and makes a great Christmas stocking filler.

Scores out of 5 for this:-

Bailey (7) 4 "as there we no instructions"
Savana (4) 5
Mum (41) 3.5 good value for the amount of items you get but could be improoved.

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