Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lite Sprites by WowWee

The woods are full of faries called lite sprites
The trees are all alive;
The river overflows with them;
See how they wave their lite wands by day and night

 The toyologists tamed their lite sprites,
Taught them how to colour hunt before their time ran out
And share their dainty colours from metres away.

And cast world spells cold, heatwave and nighty night!

Well Prisma and her sister sprites now share this Sprite Sisterhood
What funny little sprites
What dainty little dears

They dance and leap,
And prance and peep deep down in the heart of the woods

So safe at night the lite sprites sleep
Tucked up on their Prisma Forest Pod,
Dream of sharing their fantasy world,
With excited little girls who receive a great gift from mum and dad


1 x Prisma Sprite (comes with a special battery)

1 x Lite Wand (needs 4 AAA batteries)

1 x Forest Pod Hook
1 x Colour Wheel
1 x User Guide

This is a brand new toy for 2011 and the toyologists were delighted to be given the honour of being one of the first to review this.

Lite Sprite is a toy with a difference, comes beautifully packaged and with a whole array of technological goodies - a new take on Harry Potter for girls maybe?  The main thing any adult will notice instantly is that the age on the outside of the box states 4+, which is exactly Savana's age now.  However,  there is alot of information that needs to be taken in first of all from an adult from the user manual and then again on-line before it is relayed to a child so some may argue that 4+ is a little on the young side.  

The Lite Wand allows your child to choose and add colours using a colour wheel and then share the chosen colours between each of the Lite Sprites and even more exciting you can then choose real life objects and pick the colours up from there.   As your child develops confidence with the wand they can learn World, Bleak, Share and to Break Spells.  There are also games which are suitably aimed for a 4 year old but Bailey (7) soon got bored of eg, find the correct colour to match to your wand.  So again, the age for this toy is a difficult one to pin point.

Savana was able to pick up some of the basic elements from Bailey (age 7) quite quickly and I do think it will be a toy she will learn to love the more time she spends with it.    If your child has a creative imagination, loves to play fantasy games in the garden or in our case the woods then they will enjoy the Lite Sprites.  I think some may adopt it a bit like swaps, in that your child could swap over Lites for a night or two and play with a friends sharing colours or meet up and have a Lite Sprite Party.  Bailey also came up with the idea that the Lite Sprite could go camping with her and be used as a torch.

It is certainly a toy which requires alot of adult interaction, explanation and patience as you encourage your child to explore this magical world.  There are lots of add-ons too, so if this toy is a hit there is an opportunity for them to add to the collection at Christmas or for their Birthday.

So magical number time....
Bailey (3)
Savana (4)
Mummy mmmmm a difficult one here - the toy could quite easily be played with for 2 mins and then put down HOWEVER, if adults have the time then it could be a toy which is played for for days to come so I give it a 4.

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