Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Disney Snow Globe Maker

Well the pink box and princessess are well and truly aimed for any princess in the family.  Look beyond the stereotypical box and you do get some great items inside.  If you have a creative child in the family then this is a good toy to buy. 

The Disney Snow Globe Maker does say 6+ but both Bailey (7) and Savana (4) really enjoyed making their snow globes.  The items are well drawn and with the help of an adult the globes do fit will. 

The only annoying and I MEAN REALLY ANNOYING part of the of this kit is the large piece of landscape which you have to wave in and out of the plastic notches to fix to the back of the globe.  This is something neither of the girls could do and even when I did it - it popped out quite a few times.  Once we got past this hurdle the rest of it was really good fun.  The instructions are easy to follow, the drawer to store accessories is great too and the overall achievement can be seen on both of the girls faces when they complete their globes.

Take a look for yourselves.....

The only problem I have now is with two girls the kit comes with 3 globes (why not 4 ?) so who is going to make the final one? 

Luckily - the problem is shortlived - because the globes can be pulled apart and re-made so the fun can start all over again - next time with Daddy!

So the all important scores:-

Savana 5
Bailey 4
Mum 4

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