Monday, 11 October 2010

Ben 10 - Wonder if I should or Shouldn't?

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Our mini toyologists thought that Ben 10 would be happier rehoused at a home so he was safely sent to Huddersfield to be reveiwed.

This toy was a bit of a 10 minute wonder. My son is 3.5 years and although doesn't watch Ben 10, is aware of it and likes it. He was thrilled with the toy and ripped open the box which leads to my first gripe. The packing inside is hard clear plastic with the action figure and cycle wedged into it. It was very difficult to remove them and certainly my 3.5year old couldn't have done it on his own.

The actual product looked very cheap - made of light plastic. My son was thrilled when I showed him that the cycle squirted water but the tank only holds a small amount of water so I spent the next 10 minutes refilling it for him as he ran around squirting his Daddy and younger brother!

After the inital excitement wore off though, the toy has now joined the landfill pile of plastic toys we have in the corner of the room and hasn't been looked at since.

Definitely not worth the RRP £12.99

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