Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Peppa Pig's in a Spin!

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Another review from the 2 Mini Toyologists Bailey & Savana

If you are a Peppa Pig Fan then this game is a must.  With Christmas just round the corner it is a great gift for children aged 2+ 

The mini toyologists Bailey (6) and Savana (3) love this game.  Super Star Peppa Pig goes crazy in the hands of the mini toyologists as she was often spun so fast she flew across the carpet floor much to their delight.  Once this wore off the game began and the star of the show Peppa guided the girls in this exciting game.

WARNING:-You will either LOVE or HATE the music!

Be Peppa or one of her friends and win by collecting all 6 of your character cards.


Hooray a game which requires children to take turns, follow rules, and build on their memory skills.  NO TV and remote CONTROL.  Giggles, cheers and lots of laughing were in abundance for this and guest what mums and dads - beware - as your memory may be stretched too!


Buy it now! £9.99 from Toys R Us

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