Monday, 13 September 2010

How Could I Resist

ooooo how could I resist? I received an email recently asking me to help - how could i resist this!!!!!!

Dear Glenda.....

We’re reaching out to influential ‘mummy bloggers’ as well as mums who have displayed a passion for their kids, toys and family fun across their social profiles and inviting you to participate.

Through the support of Toys R Us vendors, we have literally thousands of toys stacked up, which we are committed to distributing throughout the year as we grow the programme.

The Toys R Us Toyologists programme is brand new, It’s a social media programme to get toys into the hands of mums and their kids, for testing, reviews and general fun!

The idea of the Toyologists is that Toys R Us will send out these packages, as tailored as possible for your two children, Bailey & Savana. All we’re hoping is that in return you would want to show your participation in the programme by using digital stickers (which we will provide) on your facebook, blog or and twitter profile for example, and that you would let us know what you (and the kids!) thought of the toys through reviews, comments, polls or any way you saw fit

It has been absolutlely fantastic reviewing our toys for box 1 and YESTERDAY received box 2 so LOTS AND LOTS OF REVIEWS are now going to be loaded up by me the following ways....

I hope you find the reveiews useful and enjoy them as much as I am being a toyologist!

thanks - Glenda

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