Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Come on England - Toy Review of Total Action Football Game

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Ok so we didn't do very well at the World Cup but hey that doesn't put a damper on any LOYAL FOOTBALL FAN especially now a brand new table top Football game has come on the scene.  You certainly will not be holding up any red cards for this game it is definitely one for the boys AND MEN!

The game contains  a pitch, a free kick ramp, a corner ramp, four corner flags and a sticker sheet and 22 players who are magnetic, so when the magetic football come their way it will stick to their legs ready for the next move!

Any avid football fan will be in admiration of the specialised players within the team for those NAIL BITING goals along with 8 normal players, a power striker and a BECKHAM styled player for those skillfull FREE KICKS.

So with xmas just round the corner that nightmare question of OH NO WHAT TO BUY DAD!  will no longer apply !

From age 6+ this is a great buy for any guy!

Click here to buy from Toys R US current retail price £19.99

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