Wednesday, 29 September 2010

CBeebies Timmy Time pop-up game

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Mini Toyologist Savana instantly recognised Timmy from the Cbeebies - so was very excited to play the game.  Like the classic Buckaroo there are several items need to load onto a sheep this time instead of a donkey.  The model Timmy, about eight inches high  is made of hollow plastic and you have to balance  a  plastic bib, bucket & spade, paint pot & brush, football (very tricky for a 3 yr old) and a school-bag whilst making sure he does not POP! 

Savana loved the idea that each member of the family had to carefully take an item and try and balance it on Timmy and was egging Timmy to constantly POP.  It is a great game to teach her about patience, taking turns, how DIFFICULT it is to hold onto lots of items and more importantly that more Timmy holds the heavier it gets for him.

Scoring this game has been done from two perspectives:- 

Adult (4 out of 10)

Savana age 3 (8 out of 10)

and i think it is this that you have to consider when buying this product.  From a 3 year old's perspecitve the toy was great fun and Savana has spent many hours playing with this.  I think any older than 3 then the child would be disappointed - particularly if they have played with the classic Buckaroo - as the POP is very minor.
The only thing I would add is like lots of kids toys it has lots of small pieces and once you put Timmy together it does not fit in the box properly so a drawstring style bag would have been useful to keep Timmy and the items in.

Click Here to Buy normally £9.99 but is one of many toys featured in the fantastic MULTI BUY PROMOTION Toys R US are currently running.

As a little statuette of Timmy the sheep, this is quite nice - if a bit pricey, but as an entertaining kids' game, much as I like the character, I'm afraid this isn't all that much fun.

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