Sunday, 17 July 2011

Silver Cross Deluxe Pram

Savana was delighted to be sent this year's model from Silver Cross - as she has continuously played with last years model.  The toyologists decided to road test the two to see which pram performed the best.

Check out the video to see how they got on:-

  • This year's model is bigger
  • Has a suspense mechanism which made it easier to move
  • More room to place the bag underneath
  • Plastic Cover - to make it feel even more realistic and enables the child to go out and play EVEN WHEN IT RAINS
  • The Umbrella - although it looks good, both of the toyologists felt that it got in the way and prefer to not have it on the pram
  • The stereotypical Pink would probaby annoy some people as an adult I found last year's model in blue refreshing however, from a marketing perspective as Bailey pointed out it definitely captures LITTLE GIRLS who still love to have all things PINK
  • £69.99 the price for this is expensive and not something we would normally pay however, if you are looking for  main xmas present then it would definitely be worth considering.  Also due to it being alot bigger than last year's model you could see it as a long term investment as it would last Savana alot longer as she could grow into it and also enables her 7 year old sister to play with it.

Savana (age 4) scored 4 out of 5
Bailey (age 7)

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