Friday, 22 October 2010

Ocean in My Pocket Coral Reef Playset - toy review by the mini toyologists for Toys R U UK

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This toy came in two parts - The Ocean in My Pocket Coral Reef Playset £19.99 and Oceans in My Pocket Newborn Pack £3.99

The mini toyologists are animal mad!  We own a german shepherd called Legend and a westie (who thinks she is bigger than she really is) called Crumble.  They had also recently seen Nemo so were nitially extremely delighted to open up their box of Ocean Delights!

If you child or children have a good imagination then this toy encourages them to explore this with an underworld fantasy as a whale.  If they don't then PARENTS you need to encourage them!  The animals have all been named as the mini toyologists didn't like the names they were originally given Whale mum Elsa, and the buabies Ellie, Ethan and Edward. 

The greatest downfall I feel with this toy is that the shell lid on the top is very flimsy and could snap at any time.  The mini toyologists are quite gentle in their play but naturally not all children are and I think it would not stand the test of time in terms of durability IF PUSHED.

The novelty of the toy lasted for quite a while with the girls but a few weeks on and the baby animals spent more time in the girls bath than in the coral reef - and are now permenantly there.  So the coral reef has started to collect dust in the corner of the room. 

There is also an eco message with this toy but the problem is all the mini toyologists see is ANOTHER PILE OF PLASTIC to add to their collection.  This toy was actually awarded a GOLD STAR From TOYFAIR as the Girls Toy of 2010 unfortunately, my two girls disagree and only give it 4 out of 10.

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