Tuesday, 12 October 2010

C O M P E T I T I O N ! Toys R Us Carnival Continues......

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COMPETITION Toys R Us Carnival Continues.......


NAME - Bramble the hopping Bunny
Favourite Books - one with hoppy endings
Favourite Animal - Giraffe (esp Geoffrey)
Favourite Game - Hopscotch
Favourite TV Programme - The Wonder Pets
Favourite Dance Style - HIP HOP
Favourite Airline - British Hare-Ways
Favourite Sport - Hareobics
Favourite Food - hot cross bunies
Favourite Film - Wallace &Grommit - The curse of the Were Rabbit
Being sent from a very loving home.

Bramble is very shy and so the 2 Mini Toyologists, Bailey and Savana want to make sure that she goes to a very loving home. Just like a real rabbit she will need feeding and petting to make her feel happy. Feed her her carrot to hear her munch and then hop off happily. Pick her up to give her a drink from her bottle and hear her slurp. When she's full she will shake her leg and you can hear her tinkle - already well housetrained.

So how are the mini toyologists going to decide where Bramble goes?

Competition Question..........The Mini Toyologists have given Bramble has a middle name, what is it (clue: it is not hopping bunny!)?

Send your answers to the following places:-

a) Like this BLOG and leave your your guess for Bramble's middle name in the comment box
b) Become a follower of this BLOG and email your answer to glhickmott@gmail.com
c) Visit our TWITTER PAGE - become a follower and email your answer to glhickmott@gmail.com
d) Visit the toysrus facebook page and become a fan - post a comment WE LOVE THE MINI TOYOLOGISTS ANIMAGIC COMPETITION and don't forget to post your answer!

So in total you have 4 chances if you do (a-d) OR

Even better - If you recommend any of the above (a to d) to a friend get them to quote your name and then you can have another go wherever your friend has done their posting!

Please note: - This competition is open to everyone and postage in the UK will be FREE. If you are overseas please note postage charges will apply*

Competition will run until next Wednesday 2oth October and Bailey and Savana will announce the winner on the Toys R Us Facebook page.

Personal Message from the 2 mini toyologists, Bailey & Savana

"Can the winner please do a review with lots of photos and send them to mummy at glhickmott@gmail.com so we can see Bramble in her new home"

OOOO and don't forget I am not the only one doing a competition for Toys R Us UK the carnival continues on:-

Thursday 14th at New Mummy's Tips
Saturday 16th at Carrots and Kids
Monday 18th at The 5 F's Blog

You can find out more about the Toyologist Carnival and about the different giveaways coming up over the next few weeks on the Toys R Us Facebook page.

Thanks for your time and get thinking!


Karen Jones said...

Great post Glenda xx by the way this is not an entry,we have enough toys xx

Rachel Thornton said...

I am having a guess - Its HIP HOP!


Ahhh! How cute - my guess at a middle name is Bramble BOUNCEITY Bunny XD xx

sidshane said...

how cute my guess is PATCH

Susieq45 said...

I think Brambles middle name is carrots because she likes them so much.xx

jessie said...

My daughter would love this. I'm guessing the middle name is bouncer x

Emma said...

How cute, I'd like to guess at Hip Hop too, it would be perfect!

Second Time Mummy said...

Bramble Bunny's middle name should be 'thumper' xx

Dawn said...

Mine and Lily's guess is 'Twitch' because of her wiggly twicthy nose. dx

Dawn said...

my husband wants to suggest 'Stew Pot', but this may not be along the right lines!! :0)